Venues and bands complain about sparse shows

Don Pitts, an Austin based music consultant hired by the city, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and WYEP to study the live music scene in Pittsburgh, said Pittsburgh is in a good spot, but the entire industry needs to adapt. Venues and bands complain about sparse shows. Instrument manufacturers are worried about the popularity of hip hop and electronic dance music, EDM..

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Ari is the photographer and creator of the Advanced Style books, blog and community. He credits his Grandma with stoking his passion for the stylings of women of a certain age. “I saw all these incredibly dressed older women on the streets,” he is quoted as telling the New York Times.

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Tilden served seven months in prison and later attempted to explain his questionable behavior to the public, only to be ostracized from the tennis circuit. Despite his glorious career in tennis, his final years were much constrained and lived amid considerable public shunning. Tilden’s athletic accomplishments remain, as he is arguably the best American player ever.

Especially, when there are perfectly good alternatives readily available. It not an easy task. Even if you DO manage to find one, there are likely some problematic ingredients in those as well. Digital Natives are used to much more diverse ‘currency’ than simply cash or savings as well. My kids talk about credits on iTunes, PayPal, online gifting, Facebook credits, Linden Dollars, QQ coins, collective buying power, etc. It’s as if they don’t even conceptualize hard currency in many ways.

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